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A Halloween Treat

A Halloween Treat & Edward Gorey's Ghosts - Edward Gorey Read more of my reviews at Celestial Carousel!

The first half of the book, A Halloween Treat, has each page marked not with a page number, but with a letter in the word “Halloween”, and is filled with cute and creepy illustrations–some paired with brief speech-bubble stories–culminating in the final page (the “n” of “Halloween”, as it were) with the creepiest image of all.

The reverse side of the book, Edward Gorey’s Ghosts, may well be my favorite–though this half is solely comprised of illustrations. The images are captivating and beautiful, mostly in sketched black-and-white, though a few images feature a small contrast of color for an eye-catching effect. Each illustration really does tell a story, whether spooky, scary, or even sorrowful–and I was left wishing I knew more about each panel.

This was, admittedly, my first Edward Gorey experience, but I feel confident in saying that it won’t be my last. Though short on words, this two-in-one book would be a delightful addition to anyone’s Halloween repertoire.

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