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Star Trek Volume 6: After Darkness

Star Trek Volume 6: After Darkness (Star Trek - Ryan Parrott This title was provided complimentary from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I‘ve never read a Star Trek comic book before, to be honest, but as a huge fan of the franchise and as someone who has most definitely seen the recent movie that the events of this comic book are a sequel to, I felt pretty qualified to go into this without having read previous installments in the comic book series.

Right off the bat, the art style is beautiful. The renderings of the Enterprise, the crew, and space itself were well-executed. The author’s writing style lent itself well to the Star Trek universe. The comic reads like a Star Trek movie. Kirk’s voice was a fantastic representation of his voice in the new movies. I especially loved the banter between Kirk and Bones–that’s always been one of my favorite aspects of Star Trek in any medium–and Chekov, with his “Keptin!” and “Wulcan” was just perfect.

The storyline itself was interesting, compelling, and kept me reading. I really enjoyed it–especially reading about the Gorn again! Though definitely a different entity from the films, I felt this comic book tied in well to the (alternate) universe already established in the two newest films.

After reading this, I’m definitely interested in picking up other installments in the Star Trek comic book series, especially those created by this team.

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