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The Geek's Guide to Dating

The Geek's Guide to Dating - Eric  Smith

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Love is confusing enough for the well-adjusted. For geeks, it can be downright impossible. Enter The Geek's Guide to Dating.


I'll be completely honest with you: At first, I thought this book was fiction. I had assumed upon first glance that it was a YA book chronicling the misadventures of a geek in pursuit of a girl. I was definitely wrong, and I am delighted that I was. Filled cover-to-cover with geeky anecdotes and 8-bit illustrations galore, The Geek's Guide to Dating is a helpful companion in the world of dating that puts it all in plain English for the rest of us.


This book was rife with geeky pop culture references of all kinds that had me laughing along and nodding in agreement with what the author was saying. Most references were familiar to me, but those that were unfamiliar were explained (though not dumbed-down), and I appreciated that. As stated early on in the book, after all, there are many different kinds of geeks--and it's not just for guys, either. Though aimed at a male audience, the book addresses the female reader now and then, and most of the chapters in this book could/do apply to the fairer sex.


Overall Thoughts: This was a highly enjoyable read (whether you're single, married, or not even looking to date--honestly!) for geeks of all kinds. When it comes to dating, it's dangerous to go alone! Take this book!


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