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The Weight of Souls

The Weight of Souls - Bryony Pearce

This book was provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes.


The description of The Weight of Souls immediately captured my attention. So many aspects of the plot interest me--ghosts, curses, murder mystery, and ancient Egypt? In one book? Sign me up! I was all the more pleased to find myself still interested once I started actually reading. I found myself excitedly telling friends about the plot, which isn't something I often do. I look forward to the book's release so the aforementioned friends can read it for themselves!


The characters in The Weight of Souls are what really made the book for me. I enjoyed reading about every one of the characters, and appreciated the thought that went into each of them. I particularly liked the reality of the strain Taylor's curse had on her friendships and her relationship with her father (as well as the conflicted and changing stance her father held on the curse Taylor and her mother shared). The romance in this book was a slow, believable transition, and the challenges Taylor and Justin face make their situation so unique and interesting to read about.


The events leading up to the end of this book were action-packed and, when done, left me wanting more. I'm dying (I couldn't resist) to know more about the Darkness and to learn what will happen to all the souls Taylor and her family have Marked.


Overall Thoughts: This book was an enjoyable read with complex, believable characters and an engrossing story. I look forward to future installments about Taylor Oh--and reading more from Bryony Pearce, in general!


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